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RLP Consulting

As most government leases are considered “low-bid,” the government typically calculates rents based off the USF (ABOA). However, it is most important to remember that the government usually operates on a “go, no-go” basis which means you must first meet the technical requirements of the RLP in order to be considered for Lease Award. The minimum requirements of the RLP include Delineated Area, Parking, Public Transportation, Energy Star improvements, Seismic, Floodplains, etc.


Request for Lease Proposals (RLP): Is the Government’s version of a request for proposals (rfp).  In order to be responsive and technically acceptable, any interested party (Offeror) must meet the submission criteria which consists of 8 different forms along with supplemental information such as Energy Star improvements, Seismic, flood maps, parking plans, CAD drawings, Transportation and Amenities maps.

Proposal to Lease Space is the form which outlines the deal terms, square footage, term, cancelation rights, Common Area Factor, rents, Tenant Improvement Allowance, Security Allowance, OT Rate, 24hr LAN rate, Project Management Fees, Architecture fees, etc.


Lessor’s Annual Cost Statement is the form required for the landlord to submit the estimated Operating Costs. Line 27 and above accounts for the Operating Expenses and everything below line 27 constitutes a “Shell” cost or what GSA considers the cost of doing business. As most government leases account for OpEx adjustments based on CPI, it is also known by the industry that CPI does not accurately account for true inflation. Therefore, our consultants work with you to develop an inflated OpEx rate to account for the CPI’s shortfall.

General Conditions is where the true power of the government is specified. However, throughout the course of pursuing Lease Award and completing “Post-Award” activities, Unified Interest uses this form to the Lessor’s advantage by way of passing Change Order costs and Delay Claims on to the government.

Lease Extension

Using the GSA model to justify the cost to remain versus relocate will allow you to secure better rents.  This GSA stress test tool has been customized by Unified Interest to help you renew your government tenant at the best possible rates.


Avoid common pitfalls when renewing your government lease.  The old lease “SFO” has now been re-engineered into the “RLP.”  Understand the differences or pay the price.

AAAP Offers

Do you have vacant space that you would like to have GSA consider?  Or has GSA decided to use the AAAP process instead of the traditional RLP for your lease renewal or new lease?  This system is confusing and complex, starting with $/usf instead of $/rsf.

Protest Services

Do you think GSA or VA incorrectly managed the project?  Did they select the wrong property or do you suspect foul play?  If so, you have 10 days to file a claim against the government through the GAO.  Contact us to learn more about your chances of success.

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