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We understand the intricate process required by GSA/VA and sometimes their brokers must go through. As the government’s hands are tied with levels of beaurocracy throughout the procurement, Unified Interest leverages past experience from within GSA to the Landlord’s advantage.

Federal Business Opportunities

Unified Interest filters through the government’s postings daily to determine opportunities for the marketplace across the country.  We share this data with our clients; specifically brokers and owners looking to renew leases and/or find development opportunities

GSA Leases nationwide

Through the use of the government’s transparency program “Freedom of Information Act,” we are able to collect monthly data of all active GSA lease rents and terms. The mapping tool we share with clients allow them to visually determine which leases are true comparables as well as determine which leases consist of just Shell and Opex versus those which have amortized TI’s included in the rent.

Energy Star

Leases 5 or more years old did not have this language included. Our specialized advisors work with you to find creative solutions to meet this demand which often times can be the determining factor when receiving lease award over another competitor.


Depending on Region, this is another strict requirement of the federal government, however, Unified Interest has developed suitable work-arounds for owners to use when offering space to the government. Whether it be evaluating the property as “Benchmark” or completing a simple “Tier 1 Report,” Unified Interest will strengthen your position when offering space to the government.

Offering GSA Lease Consulting Services

Responding to a government Request for Proposal (RLP) is a complicated process which includes understanding hundreds of pages of the Lease (R101 and L201) along with the associated forms (GSA Form 1364, GSA Form 1217, GSA Form 3517, GSA Form 3518, and more).

The government usually completes this in reverse order; agree to terms, design the space, then pricing. There are certain advantages to this concept and although different, Unified Interest works with you and your architect, engineers, and contractors throughout.

Unified Interest evaluates the government opportunities on a regular basis. As such, we are able to determine which opportunities across the country are a viable option for value-add acquisition and suitable for development.  Contact us for mere information.

What others say about Unified Interest

My relationship with Unified Interest and Anthony has been a positive experience and financially beneficial to my company.  Anthony's expertise in negotiating my lease renewal with multiple federal agencies would have been daunting without his guidance and knowledge.  He has been instrumental in negotiating, bid procurement and finalizing this complicated and specialized lease.  I would emphatically recommend his services to anyone who may be leasing space to governmental agencies.

Mark, Owner,

I wanted to express my appreciation for your work on the JOTFOC and the spreadsheet.  When you joined Phil and me and we began working together it didn't take long to come to the conclusion that you were supplying the piece we had been missing which would permit us to make our best effort to renew the CBP Building lease. Your detailed knowledge about the GSA and their leases, their approval process and the forms that they use to do their business, provided us with the information we needed to explore the lease details the way the GSA might and develop a proposal accordingly.  Your participation was the key to refining our approach consistent with the same factors that the GSA will consider. You have also been easy to work with and not at all reluctant to address and incorporate our concerns in your work product.  The result, from my perspective, is that we were able to study the matter as thoroughly as we practically could before deciding how to proceed.  I have genuinely enjoyed working with you. So I wish you, a little early, Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy new Year.  These wines are made by friends in Napa, who run the Wing Canyon Winery where they grow the grapes and make the wine.  I am no expert, but I think it is really good wine and I hope you enjoy it.


I contacted Unified Interest in order to get a competitive advantage in securing a lease with the Social Security Administration. Mr. Lichtl was able to interpret the requirements and provide the information the GSA needed in a format that they desired. He was able to increase the income to the building while winning the bid. The owner of the building was very pleased with the results. Mr. Lichtl is a knowledgeable professional who I will consult on all GSA transactions. I would recommend his services to anyone dealing with the GSA.

Listing Broker

In 1973, I built a building for Social Security and then another building for Social Security in 1999. GSA has become increasingly difficult and complex to work with. I hired Anthony Lichtl from the firm Unified Interest in 2014 to help me negotiate two leases with GSA. He has done an excellent job. I doubt if I could have done the difficult negotiations and cut through the red tape on my own. He is extremely knowledgeable with every phase of GSA.


Unified Interest helped my company with a complex GSA lease negotiation and handled all of the paperwork, which can be daunting. His prior employment with the GSA was one of the key reasons that he was selected. However, having gone through this once with Anthony, I will definitely be back, on the next GSA assignment! He was always professional and prompt and his work product was impeccable.

Asset Manager

My clients and I were overwhelmed with the number of documents the Federal Government requires when submitting a property for approval. Anthony’s understanding of the process and his assistance with the preparation and submission of the necessary documents gave us confidence that we had provided the requested information to the best of our ability.

Listing Broker

Our response was due the first week in January, so we worked extensively between the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Anthony was proactive and highly responsive in his approach, taking responsibility for providing guidance and recommendations, and then developing our response, both for the required Government forms, and in creating additional relevant information. Anthony developed a cover letter that focused on our property’s compliance with the bid requirements, and key differentiators and benefits. This cover letter and our entire response were innovative and professional.


My building had been vacant since built in 2007 until Anthony contacted me about GSA opportunity that would fill the entire building.  The paperwork was overwhelming, yet Unified Interest's flawless completion of the paperwork led to GSA leasing our building for 15 years.  Anthony's role throughout the leasing and disposition of the property was invaluable and I look forward to working with Unified Interest again in the future.


Prior to engaging Unified Interest to assist with our lease renewal, we had completed multiple GSA leases. Immediately after speaking with him, we realized how much more to these deals there truly are. Anthony’s evaluation of competitors and Max Rent Analysis eliminated the guesswork of dealing with the government and allowed us to renew ICE at above average rents. His knowledge of the GSA lease is intricate and superb. He is capable, hardworking and never wavers from his commitment to the client.